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Artist’s Statement 2012

This site represents an amalgam of art created by artist, Jim Keville. The galleries are part retrospective, recent and on going; it may be best experienced from the present looking back. Fetish Feel was inspired by the gestures hands make in the act of crafting and creating art and began with the works titled, “…the box that contains the space within the hands that crafted the box that...” The artist also made the actual boxes. For a more detailed statement about the Fetish Feel exhibit, click here.
Beetles and sprouts explored the organic nature of both representative insects and abstract serpentine forms originally inspired by underwater sea life. In addition, like all of the art found in these galleries, there is an underlying element of dichotomous relationships. The way something can be both attractive and simultaneously repulsive or off-putting, for example. The early works are more literal narrative surrealist sculptures that speak to the temporal quality of human existence. They also present a fractured or fragmented glimpse of human activity as beetles recycle it, quite literally. What will the archeological record say 1000 years from now when the Getty Center Dungball urn gets unearthed long after the actual Getty is nowhere to be found?